I am glad you've found your way here. Well done you for taking this courageous step toward better health and well-being. From my own experience of therapy, I know that starting can feel like a daunting task. You may be unsure about what to expect or whether therapy can help. I am also aware of the courage it takes to ask for help and walk through the door every week. With the support of an ethical and caring guide, it can make the process manageable and rewarding. This is why it's important to choose the right therapist for you. I invite you to take your time in looking through my website and the other social platforms included at the bottom of this page, so you can get a feel for whether I am the right fit for you. You are also welcome to contact me by phone and ask me any questions you have about the support my practice provides. Simply send me an email and we can arrange a time to chat.  It would be great to connect with you.  

Dr Sarah Quinley

Qualified Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Hi! I'm Sarah. I am an insured and registered Doctor of Counselling and Psychotherapy and a COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy Scotland) qualified practitioner.  In my practice, I specialize in working with couples on various issues such as infidelity,  separation, parenting, loss/bereavement, trauma, sexual difficulties, intimacy issues, conflicts and communication blocks. With individuals, I specialize in working with people who consider themselves 'people pleasers', overachievers, perfectionists, highly sensitive, and who may struggle with confidence, anxiety, addiction, and low self-belief. 


I partner with individuals and couples in developing their 'true voice'―the voice of compassion and curiosity―so that they can move through difficulties with more acceptance, resilience and ease and expand awareness to what is possible. With the ultimate goal to return clients to balance and vitality, I support people in creating a space where they can change how they relate to the difficulties that hold them back and move toward healthier ways of being in relationship with self and others. 

I consider the practice of therapy as the process of gaining insight on past wounding in the context of the present, taking responsibility of your life, thoughts, and actions, and learning how to make conscious choices about new ways of being in the world and in relationship with self and others. I experience therapy as a collaborative journey toward greater self-acceptance and self-understanding. As your guide on your personal journey, I walk alongside you as you explore your inner world and release yourself from the shame, guilt and ways of being that are causing you pain and getting in the way of the life you want to live. I bring warmth, hope, curiosity, compassion, and creativity to our therapeutic relationship, and I hold the belief that it is when people feel truly seen and heard that they can heal and move into a more fluid way of being. Meeting you person to person(s), my aim is to help you restore and find value in all the parts of you that make you who you are so that you can wholly feel comfortable in your skin, confident in your true voice, and open to the awareness of possibility.​



  • Resolve issues from your past that are ruling your present

  • Learn to confront fear in the service of your wellbeing

  • Address inhibiting and harmful patterns that stunt your growth

  • Find a balance between caring for yourself and for other people

  • Develop more meaningful and intimate relationships—with yourself and others


  • Feel safe in your relationship, especially when you are feeling vulnerable

  • Explore how unresolved difficulties from your past impact your current relationship

  • Understand the underlying meaning of your words and behaviours

  • Enhance intimacy and connection while developing appropriate boundaries

  • See and accept the complete person in each other

  • Improve understanding of and empathy for yourself and each other


I support teens with developing their ability to express, understand & manage difficult feelings. I help them work through family issues such as divorce and separation or parental drug and alcohol use. I also help with...​

  • attachment trauma

  • change/transition

  • depression

  • self-esteem

  • anger and aggression

  • drug/alcohol use

  • loss/bereavement

  • eating disorders

  • anxiety

  • managing school stressors

  • relationship challenges

  • issues related to sexuality

  • issues related to identity​


Are you looking for someone to talk to without the commitment of regular sessions? A Place to Talk is for people who want to

  • see what its like to speak to an unbiased, trained listener

  • come on an ad hoc basis - when space is available

  • be heard, respected and validated in their experience

  • gain a better understanding of, and perspective on, their situation from verbalizing their experience to another person.

What Clients Have Said About Our Work

Sarah is a very warm, genuine and caring counsellor which comes across in every session. Sarah enabled me to explore things in my own time and when I felt ready to. She challenged me where it was appropriate, mostly when it came to my own negative self-perception, to encourage me to look at things from a new perspective and view myself in a more compassionate manner. She offered suggestions of varied exercises I could do to facilitate my understanding of my self and my personal growth, for example my cycles of perfection and resulting feelings of helplessness. Sarah helped me understand clearly where my patterns of behaviour and coping mechanisms came from, so that I could more readily understand them. I would recommend Sarah as a counsellor and feel very grateful to have found her as a counsellor.

“Sarah’s calmness and understanding helped me find my truth. Her support and knowledge gave me the confidence to listen to my inner voice again. She did this all without judgement and in a kind and supportive way. I highly recommend seeing Sarah for support in all manner of life crisis.”


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