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How I Work


I offer therapy over This means that you can access me from wherever you are. All you need is Wifi. 


On average, sessions are 50-60 minutes long. I usually work with people on a weekly basis at first, switching to fortnightly sessions as we move toward ending the therapy. I work with people over shorter periods (a single session - 6 sessions) and longer term (6-16 sessions or 16-36). It all depends on your concerns and aims. 


What To Expect


In our first session, I will ask you about your background and what has brought you to therapy. We'll explore what you hope to get from coming to see me. We'll reflect on your background and consider different factors that may contribute to your problem. It's also okay if you don't quite know what's wrong. I work with you from where you are and I will support you in clarifying what's causing you distress. 


In the sessions that follow, we may talk about your week. We'll check in on important themes coming up for you and review the tools and strategies you're using to manage. We will review your progress every few weeks and check in on our relationship. If you are unsure about anything, or if you have any concerns, it is your space to ask, and please do! This will help get you the most out of therapy.


With regular commitment and dedication, I've witnessed clients undergo profound and lasting life changes during the course of our time together. That's the magic of creating time and space for yourself to be witnessed by someone that you trust. Online therapy is easy to fit into your busy lifestyle and therefore easier to commit to. Regular therapy is part of the key to lasting change.


An initial appointment is a good space to see how online therapy feels for you.​​​​

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Booking An Appointment 

My working hours are between 4 pm- 9 pm Tuesday-Friday and I take clients by appointment only. 

​1. Complete the contact form or send an email to

2. State who you are and briefly explain what you are looking for in a couple of sentences.

3. Wait for me to contact you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday) to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation or an initial appointment.

Fees Per 50-minutes Session

Initial Consultation fee is £45 

The fee is £65 per session for individuals and £75 per session for couples.

If finances are a concern, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in working together. I hold a number of concession spaces for people experiencing financial hardship, are unemployed or have student status.  


I look forward to speaking with you. Thank you for stopping by! 

"Sarah is gentle in her approach, creating a space which is safe, and warm. She showed genuine care for me and ensured the sessions were specific to my needs, and not generalised in any way. Sarah gave me the space and encouragement to explore my mental health on a deeper level than I ever have done before, whilst encouraging me to remain completely free of judgement. Being able to observe my thoughts in this way has really helped my mental health." - Client J.

The True Voice

by Sarah Quinley

Get to know the voices inside you

Introjected opinions and views

An inner family of people known

Telling you what to think and do

Notice the voices that protect you

Guarding your pain through tactics and trades

Each with their own desires and needs

Telling you to go this and that way

Behind all these voices is another voice

A voice that hears them all 

It does not converse or get caught up

It does not answer their calls

This voice bears witness to everything 

From here it makes a free choice

It doesn't attach it does not judge

It is the one true voice

This true voice is the middle way

Toward equanimity

It's compassionate and balanced

instead of 'do' it says 'be' 

So whenever your family of voices

Gets far too loud inside

Trust in the one true voice

To be your ever faithful guide


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Want to know more or book an appointment? Simply complete the form below or send me an email and I will contact you within 48 hours Monday-Friday.

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