My Practice

It's Your Space

For our sessions, you can show up exactly how you are: depressed, anxious, heartbroken, unsure, rundown, burnt-out, grieving, confused, lost, angry, nervous....the most important part is showing up for yourself, especially when it feels messy and hard, and even when you don't know what to talk about at first.

Establishing a ritual of therapy is key. Together we can build a relationship where you feel like you can acknowledge and explore the uncomfortable stuff that is bothering you. Our relationship is your space where you may experiment, play, challenge, explore, and take risks safely and without judgement.

​​How I Support You


My role is to build a trustworthy relationship with you and help you learn how to become a compassionate and accepting witness of yourself. We collaborate on discovering what patterns are hurting or holding you back. We develop an understanding of the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, and parts of self that are needing your attention. Throughout this process, you will learn how to pattern new ways of being with yourself and others and develop your inner and outer resources. 

Co-creating Lasting Change

No one's process looks the same. You may want more structure or less structure in sessions. You may need more activities or none at all. You may wish to focus on a single issue or several issues. Whatever the case may be, how I work will be decided together so we can co-create a space that allows you to feel comfortable to speak your truth and get the most out of therapy.


Hold in mind that therapy is not something done to you. Your progress and healing depend on your active participation, dedication, risk-taking, and bravery. Without these ingredients, you won't get very far because there is no quick fix when it comes to healing. This is why my clients are my heroes since it takes a lot of courage and willpower to explore your inner world and create lasting change.

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